We would like to familiarize you with the house rules to make your stay at our apartments more pleasant, and for all further information please visit the Sara-Tours office or send us an e-mail.

Compliance with House Rules is expected from every guest.

  • The accommodation unit is available from 14:00 hours on arrival day until 10:00 hours on departure day.
  • Upon arrival to the accommodation facility, the guests must give the identification documents (passports or identity cards) of all persons to the owner, because all persons need to be reported to the authorities. The identification documents shall be returned within 24 hours.
  • During your stay, your hosts are at your service for any information or assistance.
  • During their stay in the accommodation facilities, the guests themselves mind the cleanliness and tidiness of the accommodation. The waste container is located next to the parking lot. It is desirable that the guests leave the house in the same condition on their departure as when they arrived. Thorough tidying and cleaning of the house is done by the host after every guest.
  • Bed linen is included in the price of accommodation and is changed after every guest. Clean bed linen shall be provided every 7 days to guests whose stay is longer than 7 days. Guests change the bed linen themselves.
  • The guests are kindly asked to take care of their personal belongings left in the accommodation unit, because the host shall not be responsible for their potential disappearance. The hosts shall do everything in their powers to protect the accommodation unit and to warn the guest of the potential dangers.
  • Do not leave anything valuable in your vehicle.
  • When going out, the guests are kindly asked to turn off all electric appliances (except maybe one light), to turn off the faucets, shut all windows and lock the doors.
  • Please do not leave the air conditioner on when you are not in the house, and please do not use it with open windows and doors.
  • In case of bad weather, as well as when going out, the guests are kindly asked to close all umbrellas and awnings on the terraces.
  • The host has no right to enter a rented accommodation unit when the guest is not present. The only exception are special circumstances in which it is necessary to enter the accommodation unit to prevent potential damage or danger. The owner must inform the guest of having entered the accommodation unit on the first available occasion. In case that the owner has reason to suspect that there has been damage, or in case the owner suspects a violation of the house rules, the guests must allow the owner to enter the accommodation unit.
  • Pets are not allowed without prior consultation of the owner.
  • Guns, flammable and explosive substances, substances of pungent and unpleasant odour are not allowed inside the accommodation unit.
  • During their stay the guests may use all of the appliances offered inside the house under the condition that they follow the instructions and handle the appliances carefully.
  • It is forbidden to move furniture inside the accommodation unit and to carry any equipment from the interior outside (kitchen chairs onto the terrace, dishes and kitchenware, towels and blankets intended for the house onto the beach, etc.).
  • Guests are kindly asked to take care of the environment and the accommodation unit, and to handle furniture and the equipment inside and outside the house with due care. Thank you for doing so.
  • Persons who have not been reported as staying in the accommodation unit are not allowed to stay during the night or during the whole day, as well as to use the inventory without explicit approval of the host.
  • If the guests are planning to be away for 2 or more days, they are kindly asked to inform the host.
  • In case the equipment or appliances in the accommodation unit malfunction or break down, please inform the host immediately. The host will try to eliminate the malfunction as soon as possible.

Thank you for choosing us for your vacation!

We wish you a pleasant stay!