Pag town

Pag is a town that offers preserved monuments of culture, culinary specialties and a completely different nature experience. At first glance, Pag Island is rocky, rough, lined with sky-blue sea, situated under the wing of Velebit mountain. It is often called “island of stone” or “Moon island” because of its surface which creates a somewhat unusual stone landscape with so many different forms that only nature can create and cover such a great surface of the island.

Pag Island is one of the sunniest islands of the Adriatic with more than 2500 sun hours per year. Among more than a thousand islands of the Adriatic, Pag is completely different from the rest; under the stone armour it hides centuries of devised wealth created by the valuable hands of the islanders who always had to put an effort into creating something.

Therefore, it is worth a visit to discover its many different faces and enjoy them.

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